Knowing God in the Now

A friend of mine placed a quote on Facebook a while ago. “You can only see God when He has passed by. God always travels incognito. When you look back on what has happened to you in your life, then you can see God’s hand in it. Then you see the blessings in the trials.” I answered him saying, that this is actually not true because God is also in the “NOW.” Then in the night I dreamed about it again. And woke up from it and wrote down in my notebook:

“God in the NOW is standing in His presence. It is all about a personal relationship with God. We all want God to stand right next to us.”

My friend’s quote is therefore only partially true. But one word makes it different. The word “ONLY”.

“God is not just a God of the past but also of the present (and also of the future). _Winter i (1)


It is true. You can see God at work when He has passed by. You can look at your life and see that God did something in it. Or not. That He changed the bad things for the good. That He sent you blessings at just the right time. That He helped you, when you did not know it. That He set everything in place for you to do something or go somewhere. It is absolutely amazing to look back and see what God did in your life. Indeed God is spirit and God is like the wind, which bloweth. When we see the leaves of the tree moving we know He has been there..

But God is not JUST like the wind. It is NOT true that you can ONLY see God by the leaves of the tree or AFTER He has passed you by. We can be amazed at seeing how He worked in our life in the past, but when we feel his presence right NOW… we are awestruck! For God is not just a God of the past but also of the present (and also of the future). It is us, who have to learn to recognize Him, to feel Him, to hear Him. We can actually feel his presence right now. You can actually stand in the wind and feel Him blow His Spirit. You can recognize His blessings as they are bestowed, not JUST afterwards. Off course it is easiest to see God afterwards, because then you can see the things He moved in the physical world. But it is much better to actually to feel Him moving them right now.


Knowing God in the NOW is all about recognizing how God works and recognizing His signs all around you as they take place. God works in perfect timing. Realize His spirit is moving things and people around you. It is feeling Him, through the Holy Spirit, it is having a relationship with Him, communing with Him. It is praying out loud, knowing for certain that He is right there in front of you, it is hearing His voice, it is seeing small miracles around you, as you pray. It is praying and getting an answer.

Feeling God in the NOW means you actually have a relationship with him. It is standing in His presence, without fear, with a clear conscience. We all seek that personal relationship with God right now. If we can’t find it, then we start noticing how God passes us by… because we so much long to see Him. But it is different to know God is moving right now in your life. It is a matter of recognizing how He works. Look at the world around you and see feel him moving. If you do, you try to speak to Him and He can actually speak back… When you do you can actually pray to Him now, to feel Him to learn to stand in His presence. When the Holy Spirit/the Shechina comes upon you, you feel God in the NOW. It is a warm spirit that fills the air. When miracles happen, it is God in the now. When you pray it is God in the now. When God speaks to you it is Him in the Now. When you see the perfect timings with which He does things you see him in the now. Stop. Stand in His presence. And feel God all around you. This is what He has meant for his creatures. Perfect union with God. He is the God of time, the past, the present and the future. He is and he will be.

It is wonderful to see God after He passed by. But it is even better to feel him when he is there with you. How can this happen? How can you feel God in the now? Long ago it was very normal for humans to feel God in the now. They always lived that way, and communed with Him about everything. His spirit dwelled within us and around us. However, our relationship with God was severed. Broken. Torn apart. Because darkness deceived us and told us God did not exist, or that knowledge was better than communing with God. We believed the darkness and the spirit of God was no longer able to commune with us. For many years, we lived without feeling Him around us. But God could not talk to us, because there was too much darkness around us.

God longed to restore His relationship with humans. He wanted to commune with us again. He wanted His spirit to dwell within us. So we could hear Him and He could speak to us. So He could guide us. He planned to save the world, by first saving a small group of people, and then extending it to all. So He made a covenant with them hoping that they would be perfected and find their way back to Eden. God spoke to them and some of them heard Him. But even this covenant was too hard to keep. So God made a better plan, so He could save all the world. He sent a part of Himself into the world, a part of God became human and died like a human, so He could defeat the darkness.

God is in the NOW

Today I was reminded of what many Jews say against Jesus. “But we have a direct relationship with God. We don’t need a mediator.” Indeed I used to say this also myself. What they do not realize is that Jesus did not come to stand in between man and God. Jesus was the bridge. He wants man to have a relationship with God. He came to restore man’s relationship to God. Jesus himself said: “When you pray, say: “Abba, father.” Pray to the father. However, we cannot have a real relationship with the father, without Jesus. Because it is his blood that washes away the darkness and makes us perfect. So that God can commune with us again. This is what he meant when Jesus said, “no one can come to the father but by me”. Through him we can have a direct relationship and stand again in God’s presence without blemish. We have to be cleansed from the darkness, before we can be filled by God’s Spirit. Only then can we commune with God in the NOW.

Jesus came to restore our relationship with God. So we can feel him in the now again. So we can commune with him. Talk to him. We can recognize Him all around us. He is not just passing by. Through Him, we can actually feel God’s presence around us, and inside us. We can commune with God again, stand in his presence and glorify him.

God is in the now, not just in the past or in the future. He is right here, in front of you.