Love for All

Love for All

Notes from the diary of a Jewish archaeologist who suddenly found out that Jesus is the living messiah.

Last weekend I attended a big Christian Pentecostal conference for the first time since I accepted Jesus as the Messiah. At the start of the conference I whispered to Jesus to show me his glory. During the service I was amazed to see so many believers. Yet it all felt so strange….

For the past year I have had a very personal relationship with Jesus. I felt as if I was on a deserted island for a year, with the one who rescued me, getting to know one another. He is my best friend, my invisible teacher, my comforter, my redeemer. Imagine that one day, you get to go off the island and you go on a boat together to the mainland. The boat lands on a shore where thousands of people are waiting, waving for us, welcoming us. Imagine how amazed you would be when you realize they are all waiting for your best friend to arrive. And as you get off the boat, you fall back into the crowd and see that all the people are worshipping your best friend! Then he walks through the crowd and touches each person with the same deep intimacy as he touched your heart.

As I stood on the shoreline and watched others worshipping my best friend I started feeling lonely. I felt like a child who has to share her best friend with others. A natural healthy jealousy occurred. I have enjoyed feeling special for so long. He talked to me. Loved me. Came to rescue me. I don’t want to be one in a million. I want to be special. But now I came to realize that my best friend has a personal relationship with all these people! That he saved them too. And that he wants to save more people on more islands. Then, as I saw thousands of people worshipping him, I realized what he had meant when he told me he was “The son of God”. He was there for all. He was there for sharing. Jesus Loves all humanity.

In the beginning of the conference I had prayed that he would show me his glory. And he answered my prayer…. He showed me this amidst thousands of young people who worshipped him, like I did. I would have loved to stay on my island with him forever, but love is for sharing, not for keeping secret. Love is perfected when we share it with others. Then it starts to flow like a river of life. Only when I let go of my jealousy, and humbled myself before the Son of God, did his glory become apparent. I could hear the angels sing: “May all humanity know your name, and know that you are God.” In the midst of the crowd he looked at me with longing urging eyes and said: “I did not rescue you to sit on an island by yourself. There is enough love for everyone. I rescued you to tell others that I love them too. Will you share my love?”
Then I ran to the nearest person I could find and told them: “My best friend is the Son of God. He loves you. And he wants to be your friend too.”

Jennifer B. Guetta