Dreams about Jesus

On this page I hope to record remarkable dreams that people have had about Jesus. These dreams are known to happen all over the world in all different religions. Jews, Muslims, Hindu’s and many more people are having dreams about Jesus. The interesting thing is that many of these people do not believe in Jesus and the dreams are similar to one another. How is it possible that a person in Holland has the same type of dreams as someone in Iran? Can two people have the same dreams at the same time? Or are these dreams the proof of another world manifesting in our physical lives? If you know someone who has had a remarkable encounter with Jesus in their dreams, please send me an email and I will (with your permission) post it here.  These dreams give enourmous hope and encouragement in a world that is searching for meaning and show what Jesus himself is doing.

Two Dreams from Iran about Jesus and the New Church in Delft

A vision about healing and bringing light to the world

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Dreams about Jesus

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