The Treasure of Zion

The Treasure of Zion is an adventure series for children age eight to twelve about a hunt for a hidden treasure in ancient Jerusalem. The books are fictional stories about children living in ancient Israel and are based on real-life archaeology.

When Daniel discovers a treasure map of ancient Jerusalem, his quest takes him on a dangerous journey through the dark and heavily guarded Canaanite tunnels to a secret chamber underneath the king’s new palace.

Reviewers have called the series, “An exciting Indiana Jones story for children filled with bad guys and a search for the holy grail.” NBD|Biblion. More reviews in Dutch


Jennifer Peersmann

The Treasure of Zion

Jerusalem, 3000 years ago
Eleven-year-old Daniel wants to help his family and his king transform the ancient fortress of Zion into a magnificent city. When Daniel’s older brother tells him he’s too young to help, Daniel runs into the desert in defiance. There, while exploring some nearby caves, he and his friend Elat unearth an ancient map, which reveals a hidden treasure in a secret chamber underneath the king’s new palace. In a thrilling chase, the children must outwit the kings’ guards, find their way through dangerous tunnels, and pursue their quest in utter darkness. This story is based on the recent excavations in the City of David in Jerusalem.
Jennifer Peersmann

The Secret of the Golden Star

Jerusalem, 2967 years ago (33 years later)
When their parents (Daniel and Elat of the prior novel) are kidnapped, Avia and Maor must deliver a treasure to an exiled prince in order to save them. Their journey takes them through the brutal Judean desert where they face lions, poisonous snakes, and a nearing enemy. Avia and Maor soon realize their very survival depends on being the first to solve the secret of the Golden Star. This story is based on excavations in Jerusalem and ancient legends about the Star of David.


Jennifer Peersmann

Mystery of the Lion Throne

Jerusalem, 2947 years ago (20 years later)
When his father (Maor of the prior novel) loses his job under strange circumstances, Eden and his family must leave their home and beg for food. But Eden and his friend Ariella hear about a mysterious lion throne with a law book hidden inside it that just may be able to help. Their search uncovers a sinister plot to steal the Ark of the Covenant. To expose it the children must find a secret tunnel underneath the Temple of Solomon. This story is based on ancient Jewish legends about Solomon’s secret hiding place for the Ark.




Megiddo and Jerusalem, 2900 years ago (47 years later).

The sequel to The Treasure of Sion, The Secret of the Gold Star, and The Mystery of the Lion Throne. When Jael discloses her grandfathers secret to a strange priest she brings his life in danger.  In order to save her grandfather, she travels to Zion to protect a secret code. Together with her friend Ilja, she learns that the code is hidden in a mysterious game and reveals the secret hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant. But the priest follows her to Zion and wants to have the game too! Wil she be able to unravel the code and protect the game from getting into the wrong hands? Her journey takes her from Northern Israel, to Jerusalem, through the Judean desert to Jericho and the climax takes place in the caves by the Dead Sea.


“An Indiana Jones- or Librarian-like story filled with bad guys and a search for the Holy Grail.
An exciting adventure story for children.”


“Indiana Jones has found its successor.”
Elsevier 67ste Jaargang, Nummer 15. 16 April 2011

“Jennifer Peersmann wrote a amazing book about the early history of City of David. What an exciting story!”
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp

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About the author

Jennifer Peersmann is a biblical archaeologist, children’s book writer, and teacher specializing in historical presentations for children. Raised in Dallas, Jennifer went on to study and work in The Netherlands and Israel. For six years, she was a senior archaeologist for the Megiddo Expedition and also excavated in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Ashkelon and Beit Guvrin. Jennifer’s adventure books for children The Treasure of Zion have been published in the Netherlands by VBK Media/Callenbach. Jennifer lives in the Netherlands with her husband and daughter.

Additional information

The Treasure of Zion is a series of adventure books published in Dutch by VBK Media/Callenbach . The English version of the first book The Treasure of Zion is a 17,371-word manuscript and is available to agents and publishers. Please contact Jennifer Peersmann for more information.