Jennifer’s Testimony

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Jennifer Guetta-Peersmann was born in The Hague, The Netherlands and during her childhood lived eight years in America. Her parents were divorced and she was raised between an atheist and a Christian family. In her teens she became a born again believer in Dallas, Texas, but later she returned to the Netherlands and also lived in Israel. She was fascinated by history, Israel and the Bible. While studying Biblical Archaeology at Leiden University, she searched for the scientific origin of the Bible. Slowly her faith faded and she started to believe that Jesus was just a historical person. She did still believe in God, and his special relationship with Israel. As an archaeologist Jennifer worked in the most beautiful places in Israel: Megiddo, Ashkelon and in the City of David in Jerusalem. For ten years she studied the Bible from a scientific historical perspective, and worked for Professor Israel Finkelstein, who wrote the book. “The Bible unearthed,” and who claims the Bible was written merely as a political text by a group of priests in the 7th century BCE.

Jennifer Megiddo 2Jennifer als archeoloog

Jennifer always felt connected to the people of Israel, was especially attracted by the holiness of God and after seven years of study, converted to Liberal Judaism in 2002. In the meantime her research in archeology focused on the reformation of King Josiah, the location of the Temple of Solomon, the location of the Ark of the Covenant, the origin of the tree of life, and the relationship with “the feminine side of God.”

However, one day everything changed. Through her archaeological search, she became interested in various mystical Jewish traditions, New Age, the tree of life and became interested in Kabbalah and looked there for the spiritual side of God. Through Kabbalah Jennifer was confronted with the invisible world, and experienced the spiritual world from close by. As a scientist she did not know this world existed, but she quickly found out it was very different than she expected. But in the midst of her darkness there was someone who helped her, someone that had not forgotten her; someone she thought did not exist. He revealed himself in dreams and visions and said to her: “Follow Me” and she did. She had to admit that Jesus was truly alive, and she accepted him as her savior, Lord, and teacher and is now telling her testimony everywhere she can.

After this revelation, Jennifer did a lot of research about Jesus as the living Messiah and the Bible really started to come to life. In a miraculous way she was able to tell her testimony three times on Dutch National Television, in various magazines and on the radio. She speaks at every opportunity she gets and tells the world what she experienced to glorify her savior.

Jennifer’s story on TV and Radio

nederland zingt jennifer en arie

When God does something good… We should tell the world. So the world knows that He is good and alive today.

Make knows His works among the nations!