Planthope English

In the spring of 2015 I woke up with an amazing dream. A hand came down towards me. In the hand was a small plant with seven leaves. At the same time that I saw the plant, I also heard the words:

“GO! Plant Hope in the Hearts of men.”

The words began to grow, as a seed in my heart. They echoed and had multiple meanings. When I woke up I pondered about the meaning of the dream. I could explain Plant Hope in three ways. First of all, the word “plant” is a noun. My husband works with plants and it is symbolic for what he does. Second, the word “plant” is a verb, the action of planting hope in people’s hearts. Thirdly, Plant Hope sounded like a website, and therefore I added it to my website and created www.planthope.nl.


Plant Hope strives to plant positive seeds of hope in the hearts of people. It is hope that the world craves. We see terrible stories right now in the world and hear many bad things, wars and rumors of wars are all around us, beheadings, discrimination and so much hatred. It feels like the press constantly surrounds us with negativity and stories about what darkness is doing. For many people, the future of the world very sober. However, there is hope in this fallen world, because Jesus is really alive and has overcome the darkness. He is calling people over the world and still does many miracles. People around the world are having dreams and visions and there are exceptional testimonies of people who have experienced the spiritual world. The interesting thing is that many of those dreams are the same! How is it possible that Jews, Muslims and for example Hindus, all have the same dream?

At Plant Hope we want to record all the great things that Jesus himself is doing. Those things give hope to a world that needs His light desperately. Hope is the joyful expectation of good! And God is alive and He is good. Plant seeds of hope in people’s hearts by speaking about his miracles and telling people about the wonderful things He has done. At Plant Hope we have different ways to describe what Jesus is doing:

Dreams: Incredible stories from people around the world who have experienced Jesus in their dreams.

Visions: wonderful stories about visions that people have had about Jesus.

Testimonies: testimonies of how people come to know Jesus and how He has changed their lives.

Miracles large and small: God is a God of miracles. Sometimes the miracles are great and sometimes they are small. Miracles can happen in many ways, they are usually supernatural changes in the physical world and God’s glory is revealed to them on earth.

Blessing: Bless each other and change the world around you.

Restore: Jesus is not only restoring people, but also time and history. We see this especially in the recovery of the biblical feasts and the restoration of Judaism and Christianity. Though Jesus was originally he Messiah of Israel (and the world), Christianity and Judaism have grown far apart through the many different interpretations of people after 2000 years. But history will be restored and He is bringing people together again. Jews are learning more about their Messiah, and Christians are getting to know their Hebrew roots, together they are becoming one in Messiah.

Bring hope to the nations!

Hope is the joyful anticipation of good!

God is alive and He is good!

There is hope in this world.